About VinoVidi and WinePad

After years developing e-shops and digital marketing solutions for, amongst others, many wine shops, wineries and restaurants, Vinovidi was born in 2017 with a clear purpose: Bringing wineries and wine lovers closer together.

The VinoVidi Marketing Distribution Center Channel Manager and the WinePad digital Sommelier in the Wine Menu App open new markets for wine producers and resellers, connecting them directly to restaurants, consumers and wine lovers. The advantages for wineries and wine merchant are obvious, since it does not help anyone if a wine list in the restaurant is too one-sided. We offer them a marketing platform for his interesting wines. It allows wineries, reseller and restaurants to maximize sales and increase revenue through VinoVidi exclusive Apps and web services, for the best wines at the best price, and at the same time they secure the sale of his goods.

The VinoVidi Portal introduces users to the VinoVidi Restaurants benefiting from our services, so they have better information on where to dine and drink wine, including access to reviews from wine critics and third-party recommendations (such as Parker Points, TripAdvisor, etc.).

The digital Sommelier is a perfect guide for the VinoVidi web visitors to know about different wines, search wines in restaurants nearby and find food recommendations for the best pairings, and the Wine Menu App for our websites visitors and restaurants allows wine lover and diners to obtain information about their favorite wines in situ, and place orders directly to their homes. VinoVidi is convinced that restaurants will be the best wine sales channel in the future. More and more fantastic wine restaurants and bars are becoming increasingly popular.

The team

Hans-Peter Steffen


Founder and CEO of 4 startups in the Hotel and Restaurant Reservation Distribution and Marketing digital world, with extensive management and sales experience.

Arno Hofer


Founder and CEO of WinePad. Arno brings 20 years of experience in top gastronomy, wine trade and sommelier education.


Luis Roldan

Project and Marketing Manager

Kurt Nachtegael

Office Administrator

Maxim Danilov

Technical Developer

Rafael Cebrián




We are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team, both at our main office at Andalusia, Spain and the rest of European countries we are working with. If you are a wine specialist, eonologist, wine blogger, or a developer with a passion for wine, write to us at cv@vinovidi.com.