About VinoVidi

After years developing e-shops and digital marketing solutions for, amongst others, many wine shops and wineries, Vinovidi was born in 2017 in Spain with a clear purpose: Bringing wineries and wine lovers closer together.

For us, it is all about reshaping the way wine lovers search for, compare and buy wine. Simultaneously, we are focused on enabling winery advertisers to grow their businesses by providing acess to a broad audience of wine lovers through specialized services such as the Wine Tour Booking System, which allows wine lovers to easily book wine tastings and events in the wineries or at nearby partner restaurants and hotels.

Also, through his wine portal at www.vinovidi.com, VinoVidi allows wine lovers to read reviews and compare their favorite wines, and purchase wine products directly from the wineries producing them.

The team

Hans-Peter Steffen


Founder and CEO of 4 startups in the Hotel and Restaurant Reservation Distribution and Marketing digital world, with extensive management and sales experience.

Markus Fankhauser


Founder of Midix, one of the top Swiss e-banking solutions. Has 17 years’ experience in e-banking and finance solutions, oversees technical development and deployment.


Luis Roldan

Project Manager

Kurt Nachtegael

Office Administrator

Rafael Cebrián




We are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team, both at our main office at Andalusia, Spain and the rest of European countries we are working with. If you are a wine specialist, eonologist, wine blogger, or a developer with a passion for wine, write to us at cv@vinovidi.com.